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Social Responsibilit
VR Medical is an advanced technology, international medical technology company, continues to provide the best medical solutions, while complying with all relevant laws, regulations and industry codes of conduct. VR medical also have a responsibility to protect the environment, improve energy efficiency, and actively create a healthy, safe and environmentally friendly work environment to ensure the health and safety of employees.
Environmental, Health and Safety
- Comply with the protection and strengthening of health and safety laws and company policies and environment;
- Create and maintain a safe working environment;
- Avoid accidents;
- In cooperation with the social protection of the environment;
- Eliminate unreasonable risks.
Intellectual property
- VR Medical comply with intellectual property protection provisions of the relevant international conventions and national laws and regulations, focusing on its own intellectual property rights while respecting the intellectual property of others, to take up the protection of intellectual property rights of social responsibility;
- Create a respect for knowledge and talent, fair competition, corporate culture;
- Do not steal other people's patents, not manufacturing, not sales, not spread of counterfeit products;
- Protecting a product which has a significant commercial value.
Business ethics
- Integrity is the foundation that allows us to provide quality products and services, establish honest relationships with customers and suppliers, and continue to win in the competition. VR medical abide by moral integrity, to seek a competitive advantage;
- Comply with all that can guide our business operations laws and regulations;
- Handling all business activities and business relationships with honest, fair and reliable.
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