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Anesthesia Circuit Kit

Adult Breathing System Parallel with Mask #5

Breathing bag 2L Bacterial Filter

Breathing bag: Latex or Latex free available
Cat. No. Products name Type Reservoir Bag Anesthesia Mask Packing Details VR HMEF
Respiratory Circ Anesthesia Circuit
Specifications Length Specifications Length
VR06001 Anesthesia
Circuit Kit
Adult(1.7m) 3L Adult Large(5#) Φ22,Water Trap (With Extension Tube) 1.7m Φ22,Expendable 1.7m HMEF003
VR06002 Adult(1.8m) 3L Adult Medium(4#) Φ22,Water Trap
1.8m     HME001
VR06003 Adult(1.6m) 2L Adult Small(3#)     Φ22,General 1.6m HMEF023
VR06004 Adult(1.5m)         Φ22,Reinforced 1.5m HME001
VR06005 Adult(1.2m)         Φ22,Coxial 1.2m HMEF003
VR06006 Adult(1.0m)     Φ22,Water Trap (With CO2 Sampling Tube) 1.7m     HME001
VR06007 Adult(1.0m)         Φ22,Centre-parting 1.0m HME001
VR07001 Pediatric(1.7m) 2L Pediatric Large(2#) Φ15,Water Trap (With Extension Tube) 1.7m Φ15,Expendable 1.7m HMEF005
VR07002 Pediatric(1.8m) 1L Pediatric Medium(1#) Φ15,Water Trap (Reinforced) 1.8m     HMEF005
VR07003 Pediatric(1.6m) 1L Infant Small(0#)     Φ15,General 1.6m HME009
VR07004 Pediatric(1.5m)         Φ15,Reinforced 1.5m HME001
VR07005 Pediatric(1.2m)         Φ15,Coxial 1.2m HMEF003
VR07006 Pediatric(1.0m)     Φ15,Water Trap(With Co2 Sampling Tube) 1.7m     HME001
VR07007 Pediatric(1.0m)         Φ15,Centre-parting 1.0m HME001
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