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Negative Pressure Therapy System
VCare® 1000-300s
The VCare® Therapy System has been designed for versatility. Delivering reliable therapy in-facility, and helping patients transition back to their normal lives while still receiving the Negative Pressure Wound Therapy.
This flexible therapy unit is:


- Light Weight, at only 8.1 ounces (machine only)
- Compact, size of approximately 3.4x5x2”
- Portable, and battery-powered
- Easily switch canisters, with snap-lock connector
- Intuitive alarm notifications, easy to recognize and correct
- Flexible canister solutions, with 140, 400, and 600cc options available
- Single-touch therapy, with easy on/off operation
VCare® Dual Pumps
Improved Clinical Outcomes:
Cat. No. Name Specification Package
VR609300 NPWT Dual Pump, -300mmHg Non-sterile
VR609500 NPWT Dual Pump, -500mmHg Non-sterile
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