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Enteral Feeding System
The Enteral Feeding System is an excellent example of VR medical’s capability to design, develop and manufacture the precision disposables of the highest quality for its OEM customers worldwide. Shown here are advanced ISO80369-3 devices also known as ENFit.
  High grade PVC
Latex & DEHP free,
PU, Silicone
Enteral only connectors help minimize
errors associated with misconnections
“Tumbler” protective cap assures correct positioning for re-capping when the syringe is filled
Enteral Feeding Extension Tube & Syringe

Made of high grade PVC, latex and DEHP free

Teardrop pinch clamp

Christmas tree shape hub for compatibility with various feeding tubes

Distinguished orange alerts medical stuff

Individual sterilized package
Gastric tube
Gastric Tube(PU)
Gastric Tube(Silicone)
Gastric Tube is used for those individuals who are unable to ingest nutrients by mouth. It is placed in either nostril, passed down the pharynx through the esophagus and into the stomach and is generally used for a short while or permanently feeding (usually only 2 weeks maximum), for the treatment of acute conditions or lifelong in the case of chronic disabilities.
Made of Non-toxic, Non-irritant PVC/Silicone/PU: reduces the incidences of nasal discharges.
Distinguished Orange: reminds medical stuff not to use as intravenous tube.
Radiopaque Line shown well on x-ray allows the clinician to easily determine the distal tip location.
Depth Markings at 45, 55, 65 & 75 cm from tip guide to proper placement.
Integral Cap can be closed when it is not in use or transport.
Lateral Eyes maximize flow rates for less clogging.
Weighted Tip facilitates ease of insertion into an unconscious or poorly cooperative patients or one with a hypersensitive gag reflex.
Universal Connector is incompatible with a wide variety of feedings for reducing the risk of accidental connection or infusion.
Sterile, Individual Peel Pouches minimizes risk of cross-contamination.

Feeding Tubes of Silicone Material, of different French Size and Length are Available Upon Request.
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